Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A few words...a congrats and a sketch

Good morning. Well I am home and I tell ya it is some nice to be able to usw my own computer and not have someone tapping there feel at a door waiting to use it. Man I hate sharing..LOL The nice soft toilet paper is being well recieved as well LMAO.

So Here the new BLOG, I am still going to keep the My space one too for family and friends, this one will be more scrap oriented and personal...

So on with business...lol

1. Be sure to VOTE FOR KATIE here
Here is her awesome LO

Good luck my Sweets we are so excited for you!!!!

2. Came across a sketch challenge at about.com... here is the March sketch, I can't wait to play!! Wanna play too??? Let's see your work!!!!
3. Us YAYAs are up to something fun!!! We are hoping that it takes off and if not well, we're still happy!!! LOL Stay tuned for our announcement!!!!

K off for now, have lots to do... and well not all that much time to do it in!!!!



The Karen said...

Ok, so I'll try to keep up with this one too! lol.

Congrats Tanya!!!!!!!!!! your such a sweetie :)

I guess the rash on your ass is starting to go away eh Rach? lol.

Can't wait to see what you come up with in l/o's and just to see your pretty lil face :)

p.s. I didn't know that you loved Sydney Sheldon, he's my ultimate fav :)

Kare Bear

Michelle said...

Hmmm....a new blog, eh? Rachel, you know you actually have to POST right? LOL!
Hopefully you will keep it up! I'm now a blog addict! Oh, and get your mom set up so she can participate on the Blackburn Scrappers Blog!

Kataroo said...

Thanks for the link and yeah Tanya!!

Lucy Chesna said...

great sketch and congrats on your new blog